Who we train

As a healthcare professional, it’s worth considering the incorporation of cosmetic injectables as an adjunct practice to expand your clinical expertise and diversify your service portfolio, aligning with the rising demand for non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Integrating these treatments alongside your primary healthcare role can not only enhance client satisfaction but also contribute to increased revenue, all while upholding your commitment to client well-being and safety through your medical proficiency.


– Specialised training in advanced cosmetic injectables, tailored to the medical expertise of doctors.

– Learn evidence-based techniques to enhance clients outcomes and safety in aesthetics.

– Acquire hands-on experience with real clients, refining skills to deliver natural and rejuvenating results.

For Registered Nurses(min 1+ years post grad):

– Comprehensive training in cosmetic injectables, catering to the unique perspective and skills of nurses.

– Master techniques to address clients’ aesthetic concerns and promote facial harmony.

– Gain practical experience to build confidence in providing safe and effective treatments.

Specialised training in advanced cosmetic injectables
For Dentists:

– Tailored courses focusing on facial aesthetics, ideal for dentists looking to expand their practice.

– Acquire the knowledge and skills to provide facial rejuvenation treatments alongside dental care.

– Learn techniques to enhance clients’ facial features, creating a harmonious smile and appearance.